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Constant Pain Right Side of my head

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Hello i did a search of this for a longtime befor i joined and posted this and couldnt find anything Sad

I Have had this really bad headache going on and off now for the past 4 weeks at first i thaught it was just a headache so took some headache tablets and ignored... sure at first they worked... for about an hour then it would come back again...
now when i take headache tablets... even more than the basic 2 say 3 for example... it just ignores them as if it was candy they dont work at all Sad

The pain area is my right eye going up to where my hairline is following the hairline around my head towards my temple and back to my eye again thats the whole entire area that is in pain...

the pain comes and gose at random times... and when it comes it feels like some1 has hit me with a hammer to my head its painful but its an odd pain.. it feels like its pulseing.. (sounds odd i know) but for example the pulse follows the beat of my heart... when my heart beats my headache pulses each time...

i do play alot of computer games and i do wear glasses also i drink alot of coffe and caffine types of drinks have done so for many years and never had this befor... but these past 4 weeks i have not played any video games at all or watch TV or anything...

I Have tried:

Headache Tablets (Aspirin)
Allergy Relife
A-Z Vitamins
Less electronic things (Phones, TV, Games Ect)
Sleeping More
Less Bright lights since my eyes are sometimes sensitive to them

lastly i have tried a very ice cold wet cloth on my head.. for some odd reason it use to work but now.. it dosent Sad

i have tried alot of things but i keep getting this strong pain everyday sometimes upto 6 times a day at random times and it just makes me want to die and makes me feel sick i cant even eat or do anything at all

thank you for reading although it is kinda hard to type with this headache sorry
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