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constant pain in gums teeth and jaw after alot of dental treatme

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I constantly have a pain in my gums or teeeth or jaw only on the left side though. I wake in the night with it and sometimes i have to take two nurofen and two pandol to settle it. I get it during the day too when ever the pain killers cease to work after around 4 to 5 hours from taking the last set of painkillers, but usually in the day I take pain killers before the pain gets to its worst so its not as bad if I get to it before the pain gets too sore. To help settle it I find holding a warm face cloth to my jaw helps. When the pain gets too its worst it feels like some one is sticking pins or needles in my jaw or gums and get shooting pains in my teeth still only on the left side. Its just like all over my left cheek, jaw, gums and teeth..that area like. I have had alot of dental treament done...14 fillings and root canal but I do brush my teeth but eat alot of sweets and also im only 15 :/ some one please help !!
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