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Constant Nightmares

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I suffer from reoccuring dreams and nightmares. I'm always seeing great pain when I dream. I've been to places that I've never known existed except for just recently. I am in the military, so I can't really go to a psychologist. I just need to know whether it is normal or not to have nightmares almost every night. I also need to know if there is anything I can do about it without having to have it on my medical records. I'm becoming very stressed and I could use whatever help I am given.
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replied December 4th, 2010
nightmares/post traumatic stress disorder
Sounds like the exact same thing I am experiencing, it could be post traumatic stress disorder, I have seen some terrible things which I just can't talk about but understand it has caused me some problems especially whilst i am asleep, eating healthy and no alcohol and excercise usually helps. But in your case, when you have no choice of what you eat or do, just try and get to the bottom of an event or events that may be eating you up inside and try work through them in your mind.
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