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Constant muscle spasms on different parts of my body, help!

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Hi, I've been having this for a while now and I've just gotten to the point that i can't take it anymore. I've been having these constant spasms on different parts of my body since summer of 2010.

I'm female, 19 years old, i do have iron deficiency anemia, and i'm about 140 lbs overweight.

It all started when i woke up one day and all of my fingers on my right hand were twitching. It terrified me. I thought it was maybe a sign that i was getting carpal tunnel since i use the computer often and i use my right hand a lot.

The twitching lasted for a good 7 hours and i couldn't do anything with my right hand for those 7 hours. The next day it was over but about 2 weeks later, i had this non-stop spasm in the back of my left leg around my calves.

it lasted about 2 or so weeks and it just disrupted my sleep and everything. After that little episode I've been having spasms on random parts of my body and extremities and sometimes on my face and around my temple. They happen EVERY SINGLE DAY and sometime they hurt, especially if i happen to get one in my neck and it causes me to jump.

I have NO idea what could be the cause of this. I'm thinking that my nerves might be damaged and is causing this to happen to me or I'm lacking something in my diet or I'm just not moving around enough.

I would really love to find out what is wrong with me now before something bad happens to me, I really don't want to know if this is actually something much worse than me not moving around enough.

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replied August 13th, 2012
Does your eye twitch also? If so seems to need low calcium and could be related to hyperthyroidism. This involves your parathyroid telling your body to not hold calcium. Can make you feel like nonessential hurt dizzy or head rushes. Finger or eye twitches are indicators.
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replied December 27th, 2012
gas lighting and cramps
Were you a victim of organised gang stalking before any of this? It is called Gas Lighting and is usually the precursor to many things. Especially unexplained cramping over the entire body.
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