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My heart beat is constantly irregular. Well, at least when i consciously try to notice it. It beats normally and regularly for maybe 10 times, sometime more sometimes less, then misses a beat and then a stronger thud follows. Sometimes, my heart beat generally more regular and sometimes less. it varies time to time. A
Also, a couple of times now, i wake up at night to find my heart pounding rapidly. Then i go back to sleep. What could it be?

I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm quite skinny with a 76bpm at rest. My father died from a heart attack and suffers from high blood pressure. Prett much my whole paternal side of the family has high blood pressure. My mom doesn't though.
Is something wrong with my heart or is it normal?

Also, a few days ago, i ran 2.4km for the first time in like 3 weeks without running and finished it in 16 minutes. I was really tired/out of breath when i finished but no dizziness whatsoever. Recovery period was pretty fast too. Is this an indicator that my heart is still pretty fine? I'm afraid i'll have an heart attack someday.

These few days, i've been having some weird stomach pains. Not really ainful but just uncomfortable. I've never experienced them before. They are normally around the place just below my sternum. Like a bit of pressure there. Not sure if it's my bra too tight or something hahas. I feel like i have to burp more than normal and like a feeling of bloatedness. Quite mild though. I read that it could be symptoms of a heart attack for FEMALES, so could it? ALL THE SYMPTOMS I MENTIONED ARE NOT CONSTANT, THEY HAPPEN AND GO AWAY AFTER A FEW MINUTeS AT MOST. The pressure below(NOT BEHIND) the sternum seem to be slightly worse when i stand up. Also, i have like a muscle ache at my left shoulder muscle and like a strained muscle in my left part of the neck. Hurts only when i use/flex those muscles. But this could be caused by me doing push ups after like weeks not doing. Today, i think i felt better, no symptoms that made me uncomfortable, just a on and off mild headache but that could be being under the rain. Oh and the shoulder muscle ache's gone but the neck thing's still there... AHH!!! Am i going to have a heart attack?
Please help.
Thanks alot.
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replied October 2nd, 2009
From your story I can teke the big picture of your symptonms..
1. You have Irregular heart rate
2. you have dyspneu on effort
3. you have epigastric pain and atypical chest pain.
First I would like to share about heart attack, heart attack usually occur in people with CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) and CAD has Risk factor that can elevete the risk to have the disease, there are
a. Diabetic (High level of blood sugar)
b. Dislipidemia (High level of lipid profile)
c. Smoker.
d. Hipertension.
e. Familial history.
f. Menopause.
You still 15 years old so its low risk to have CAD, event maybe your family history say different. But the thing that you should pay attention for is your irregular heart beat, we call it Arrithmia and we should define the kind arrithmia.. so I recommend you to take some examination :
1. Laboratory Electrolit, Lipid Profile and Blood sugar level.
2. ECG
3. ECHO.
Just send me the result and Let me give advise for this situation...
God Bless you..
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replied October 21st, 2009
skipped heart beat

have you heard AVENTURINE stone (mineral)? if you buy an aventurine necklage or bracelet and use it on your body, you could feel better... please try it!

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