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Constant headaches everyday, Sepsis survivor

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Hello, I've exhausted nearly every avenue trying to find somebody with the same symptoms that I have on the internet.

I'm hoping that somebody on here can help me. Because I don't only want to get better for me, but I want to be at my best health for looking after my little boy.

Back in August 2016 when I was heavily pregnant with my son Leo I had sepsis which escalated to septic shock. Luckily the doctors in the hospital were able to cure me of the sepsis, and the sepsis trust tells me that me and my son are a living breathing miracle today. I have also managed to save a life with spreading awareness of sepsis on my facebook so that people are aware of the first symptoms of Sepsis. Since being cured of Sepsis, I found myself with poor memory both short term and long term and confusion and poor concentration.

But as the months have passed I have been suffering strong headaches too every single day, and they haven't stopped. I regularly have to take 2 co-codamol just to fade out the pain for a bit because I find it really hard to bare the pain. But once those tablets are out of my system there it is again strong headaches like something is pressing hard on top of the crown of my head. Accompanied by this is a pressure down my nose and the roof of my mouth through my teeth and pain down my spine.

I honestly don't know what to do anymore.. my memory continues to deteriorate with a pressuring headache I feel every day. I'm only 27.

I was thinking about getting an MRI scan, but I have read how some MRI scans don't show what is actually causing the symptoms, in fact, people get the all clear, but an MRI scan with contrast does. Is that true? How are people actually diagnosed with cancer if that's what it is? or if it's wise to have a lumbar puncture.

I appreciate anybody's advice.
I will check this regularly in hope somebody can shed some light on this for me.

Thank you.
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