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Constant full bladder and urge to urinate

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I have recently finished a prescription for a supposed UTI. However, now that I have finished the meds, I have no relief. I do not have pain when urinating, but I have this constant, nagging urge to go to the restroom. WHen I do go, I sit a little while longer trying and hoping to completely empty my bladder, only to stand up and feel immediately like I have got to go. This seems to be made worse when I walk, as if the movement is shaking things up. I don't have the pulsing or spasming feeling. And I don't really have pain once I go to the restroom. But I always feel like I have a full bladder.

This is aggraving as there is no relief. It's also hard to get work done, or even get a full nights sleep. I'm up atleast 3 -4 times a night. What could this be?
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replied October 12th, 2011
I have had the same problem this entire calendar year of feeling the constant need to pee. I took antibiotics early on with the problem only for it to be even worse. I have pinpointed it to a yeast infection (which antibiotics do make worse). I've been taking Candex for yeast. It has been working, but slowly. I've also been using Yeastwaway boric acid suppositories. Some days it's still pretty bad but overall I'm a lot better than I was when it started. Good luck to you!
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