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constant dreams

My age is 29.I have been dreaming all the night and waking up tired in the morning. This started happening from past 3years . Had weight gain about 10kgs. 3years back i felt tense and too much trauma mentally when my father is ill, at that time i was diagnosed with hypertension and migraine. i was treated for migraine with sibelium and hypertension with combination of potassium and calcium tablets. I continued above medicines for about 6months and in this period i have these continuous dreams in my sleep. In order to get my BP in control my doctor put me on Atenolol (25mg) then dreams stopped and i lost around 3kgs and getting sound sleep. but one day i am giving a competetive exam and felt too much tensed about result and from that day onwards i am starting getting these dreams again. till now(nearly 30 months) i am suffering with this problem. Thought that migraine meds are causing these dreams so i stopped using migriane drugs two months ago and still no respite. please help in finding cure for this problem any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

P.S - My dreams are of all sorts, very rarely i get nightmares. Even if i take an afternoon nap still i get these dreams (the moment i sleep).
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