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Constant dizziness and many other symptoms. Doctors cant explain

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I have been suffering with some very disturbing symptoms for quite sometime now. Here is my list: ANY THOUGHTS??

Daily Chronic headaches- Tension Type, pressure in all around head, behind eyes, tightness in neck, shoulders and base of head along with upper back.

Dizziness- Lightheaded, Floaty head falling sensation, (no spinning) just a swimming whirl sensation inside my head, with an occasional dropping sensation, (just as you would feel in an elevator)

Eyes- Pressure feeling behind them, tired feeling like I haven't slept in days, and a need to squint to keep focus or I feel like my eyes are all over the place. When my headaches are bad I can get a throbbing feeling behind them.

Postnasal Drip & Stuffy Nose- My nose is always stuffy and I feel like I constantly have mucus in the back of my throat, this feeling is made worse when speaking or during long conversations. (I know Yuck!)

Jaw clicking- I have some sort of TMJ going on, whenever I open my mouth to chew, yawn etc. I have a clicking noise in my lower mandible jaw. I do clench a lot.

Ears- Crackling static sounds, these sounds are made worse with loud noises.
some fullness at times but I open them by yawning, occasional deep sharp pains inside my ears.

Fatigue- I am always tired!!

Anxiety and Panic - Lots of it!! Mostly brought on by the dizzy/vertigo feelings.

Head- Heavy sensations, falling sensations, lightheaded sensations, brain fog. (This is by FAR the worst symptom) I hate feeling so off!

ANY THOUGHTS would be greatly Appreciated! Thanks in Advance!!
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replied May 13th, 2011
If I were you, I'd look into a condition called vertical heterophoria syndrome (VHS). It treats headaches, dizziness, and anxiety with a pair of glasses. It's relatively nuts that your eyes could cause these symptoms, but if you google it and read the first website that comes up, and it sounds like you, then the fix is incredibly easy.

In regards to your ears, jaw clicking, and post nasal drip, I have no idea what are causing these. All I know is that if you treat one set of symptoms, sometimes other unrelated symptoms can randomly disappear.

Also, if your first thought is that you've been to the optometrist and they say your eyes are fine, they might be wrong. The treatment was discovered 15 years ago and only 3 doctors in the US currently know how to diagnose and treat it.

Good luck on your road to better health!
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