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constant coughing and mucus

hi my dad was diagnose a with lung cancer a few months ago and so far have had 1 cycle of chemo. he has developed a very disturbing cough and coughs up mucus. i know that it is one of the symptons but what can he do to control it
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replied October 11th, 2011
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Hello, I happened to see your post while doing a search. I have been interested in staying healthy for many years and have learned a lot about vitamins and anti-oxidants, etc. and also from traveling to Peru often for business and visiting college friends there. I don't know if it will help in some way, but I know of something from a friend's relative in rural Peru, who had lung cancer back in 1969. He had stage 4 cancer, and his family found someone had made a high anti-oxidant tea from a vine which we know as Cat's Claw. It helped so much that they went on to create a business from it which grew into a large company, as you can see on their website with his story. It is interesting. The translated English is a little off. It is in capsule form in U.S. health stores, but the way it has been used for centuries is to boil a piece of the bark, which you can find only at U.S. websites. The other thing which is a pwerful antioxidant is Graviola (leaf) which is in U.S. health supplements but again the freshest/most potent way is by boiling the leaves to make tea. This might be found online as well, but at least it is in capsule form such as the quality brand of Vitalogic- Immune Formula or Anti-Oxidant Formula. This could be a help as well as green tea extract, tumeric extract, and IP6-Gold. And DO NOT eat anything with sugar, which feeds the cancer cells!! Eat the most fruit and vegetables possible which are what contain anti-oxidants. And get the artificial chemicals and junk food out of your dad's diet. He needs all the help he can get, from real foods. Fresh ginger or ginger tea included in the diet starting a few days before chemo, can reduce side effects like naseau, they reported.

Also, check the national radio show and do a search of their very helpful health news with updateed studies of all kinds of health problems, cancer, etc.
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