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"Conjunctivitis" not going after after 3 weeks

Hi all, I (27-yr old white male) have what has been diagnosed by my GP and optometrist as viral conjunctivitis for 22 days now and was hoping to get a second (well, third) opinion on what might be at play - as from what I understand even viral conjunctivitis should have cleared up by now.

History of symptoms & treatment:

Week 1

Woke up with pink eye and 'gluey' eyelids/eyelashes. Optometrist diagnosed bacterial conjunctivitis, prescribed Chrlorsig antibiotic drops and recommended bathing eyes in salty-water morning and night and changing pillowcases/sheets daily. Did not respond to treatment.

Week 2

After a week the symptoms worsened and my left-eye became scarlet-red (see attachment). However the discharge subsided before ceasing completely and my vision remained unaffected. Went back to the optom who changed the diagnosis to nodular episcleritis and prescribed a steroid eye-drop. Within 24 hours the redness subsided dramatically and I thought I was on the mend.

However by the end of the week the discharge was back - big chunks of white mucus. Condition spread to my right eye, my eyeballs swelled noticeably, and dark rings formed under my eyes. The redness remained less intense and vision still fine.

I went to my GP who leaned towards viral conjunctivitis due to the persistence and limited response to treatment. She took a swab, prescribed a stronger antibiotic (in case it was bacterial) and asked me to come back a week later.

Week 3

The symptoms improved early into the third week, with much less swelling (dark circles under eyes faded too) and less discharge. The redness remained about the same as it had been.

I had my follow-up with the GP. The swab had revealed nothing and she took a blood-test as a precaution while standing by her original diagnosis of viral conjunctivitis. I am yet to receive the blood test results back (will do on Weds).

I also had my follow-up with the Optometrist, and went to a second optometrist (if you're wondering why I am seeing so many optoms - my 2 housemates and 2 other close friends are optometrists..) who both diagnosed the condition as viral conjunctivitis due to swollen 'follicles' on the inside of my lower eyelid. Both of them however said they were surprised that it had not cleared up after so long and also seemed confused that the inflammation is worse under the top eyelid when it's apparently usually the other way around with viral conditions.


Now, 22 days after it started, I have the following symptoms:

- Pinkness in both eyes - It's not as bad as it has been, but it's stubbornly persistent and there's been little if any improvement in the redness over the last week; the pinkess is mostly at the top and bottom of my eyeball i.e. hidden under my eyelids
- Discharge in both eyes - much better than it was; not noticeable during the day, only in the morning when I wake up
- Vision unaffected
- No other symptoms - lymph nodes not swollen, no change to sleeping patterns, no loss of weight
- Treatment consists of steroid drops (tapering them off slowly as per direction of the optom) and salt water eye baths each morning
- Blood test results coming back Weds

My questions

1. Should I see an Ophthalmologist?
2. Would the swab have shown up Chlamydia conjunctivitis?
3. Does viral conjunctivitis usually last this long / can it last this long?

Photo here:
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replied December 22nd, 2013
What about yellow pus around my eye lids look like pimples but also swollen eye lids
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