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Conidering a license in naturopathic nutrition - realistic?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts. I am 33 and have my B.S. and M.S. in Wildlife Science, but am exploring the idea of shifting careers. The severe lack of opportunities in my field that match my current credentials seems to worsen by the month. Unless you want to live in a tent, bathe with glacially-fed river water and squat over a new hole each day Smile Yes, I actually did 6 months of this leading a conservation biology field semester abroad in Chile in 2012!

With a life-long struggle w/ chronic skin issues myself, a complicated family medical history, and an innate affinity for all things 'natural' anyway, I am particularly interested in healing foods and the human body's ability to heal itself with nutrition. With both parents retiring after careers in the medical field, ailing from many (preventable) illnesses and one who continues a 40+ year smoking habit, I am fired about about this more than ever.

The only relevant course I've taken is a basic Nutrition 101 elective class during my B.S., over 10 yrs ago. My questions for any professional nutritionists/naturopaths out there are:

1) What sort of timeline would I realistically be looking at to complete coursework/certification in 'Naturopathic Nutrition'?
2) Where is the best place to start looking for programs?

Thank you!!
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replied April 25th, 2013
'Considering', that is. Please forgive the typo...
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