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Confusing EEG results. Help?

Alright so a few sundays ago, I got up out of bed (I had been laying awake for a while and decided to get up) and I get like how I normally get when I get up too fast ( I am a tall girl). I got ringing in the ears, my vision started to get black and spotty, and I got dizzy. But something else happened; I started to shiver, but I wasn't cold. I then fell down. I was conscience throughout; I was there for ten seconds, got up and felt fine. No head ache, no tiredness. I could talk throughout it, and I didn't have any complications.

Then I went to the doctor's and got an EEG done. They said that I had no seizure activity that was recorded, but they did say that the activity was comparable to that of an epileptic person.

I have smoked marijuana in my past.
I have migraine headaches.

Could it really have been a seizure? Am I epileptic? How can is epilepsy diagnosed? And could my past drug use/migraines be the reason why the reading was slightly abnormal?
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replied April 15th, 2012
Many have odd EEG's but not epilepsy... it could have been from low blood pressure or something like that... try not to worry...
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replied April 17th, 2012
Epilepsy is diagnosed when one has recurrent seizures... those with epilepsy often have migraines too... smoking Pot is not the cause but could aggravate the issue...
Good Luck
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