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Confused pregnant teen looking for advice!

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Im 17 and pregnant. I'll be 18 in three months and I plan on moving in with my boyfriend on my birthday. I've been having trouble getting along with my parents lately and have been getting in trouble a lot so I can't tell them about my situation because I honestly can't think of what they'd do to me. They don't let me see my friends and I have to sneak out to see my boyfriend just for a few minutes. I definitely keeping the baby. I have full intentions of finishing my senior year of high school. Any advice on what I should do?
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replied June 23rd, 2012
First, if you havn't gone to a planned parenthood pregnancy center, or any pregnancy resource center near you, I think you should. I think it is great that you plan on finishing your senior year in high school! This is a huge step and one you should make sure you accomplish. The road ahead will be tough, but there is support and help for you. I do think you need to be honest with your parents, but can understand why you are afraid. Having a goal in mind and looking into options is a great way to show them that you are taking responsibility. You say you have been getting in trouble, its time to think about your future not only for yourself, but for the baby you are carrying. Are there teen-parent programs near you that will help you go to college after you finish high school? Can you dedicate yourself to school and try to graduate sooner before you are far into your pregnancy? trust me it gets hard. Do you have a support system? Friends will come and go. Your boyfriend may not be there. Some parents may not understand. There are rescources that can help you succeed, ultimately the decision on how you choose to succeed in life is up to you. The fact you are looking for advice shows me that you are determined to find help. Being a mother is REWARDING, and Challenging.
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replied September 13th, 2012
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