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Confused on birth control..

alright, so I started beyaz birth control on nov. 3rd and than had sex on Nov. 25th again on Nov. 26th and than Nov. 28th (everytime used a condom) on dec. 2nd i started lo loestrin Fe than had sex december 7th and 8th (also used a condom both times) It seems that the second week of using my birth control i became very emotional, had headaches, was tired and sometimes nauseous, breasts arent sore just look like they got a little bigger. Went to my doctor the other day and she looked and checked everything and said that everything looked perfect.. Maybe i'm just paranoid but i'm afraid of being pregnant. So, i guess my question is what are my chances?
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replied December 21st, 2013
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Zero. What you are describing are also side effects from birth control hormones.
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