I am experiencing a ton of strange symptoms and I did not know where else to seek answers for them but on an online forum... since nobody (including my doctor) seems to know what is going on. The symptoms I have been experiencing are so strange and so random that I have no idea what to make of them.

A few months ago I experienced a very bad panic attack seemingly for no reason, I had nothing to fear and had not experienced anxiety before. It was so bad I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. My heart was pounding out of my chest, my arms and legs felt cold, I had tunnel vision, and I was completely disconnected from my surroundings. Then a few weeks later I got another one. The second one was nowhere near as bad as the first although it was still pretty intense. Then I got sick with a random high fever, fatigue, and muscle / joint aches for about a week (not sure if this is related or just coincidence). There were no other symptoms aside from random pain in my eyes when I looked too far to the side and a pretty bad headache. It ended after a week or so with me getting a rash on my arms and chest. The rash was not itchy and I experienced no irritation but there were small red dots pretty much everywhere that went away within a few days.

Ever since then I have been getting random dull headaches on the left side of my head and near the corner of my eye. They come and go and are usually present after I exert myself. I have also had very bad brain fog and I feel out of it almost all the time. I feel as if I cannot focus on anything and have trouble concentrating even though I go through the motions of what I am doing perfectly fine. I feel disconnected from my surroundings at times, and have been experiencing horrible fatigue pretty much all the time. Regardless of how much I sleep and regardless of how much coffee I drink I still feel extremely tired all the time. Sometimes I feel so disconnected and out of it that I literally think I am about to pass out and need to take a moment and collect myself. In addition I have been feeling a weird cold sensation on the right side of my chest and some chest pain when I breathe in through my mouth. I also sometimes wheeze when exhaling through my mouth. Nothing major but I thought I should mention that as well.

I have asked people about this, and they claim that it is anxiety and / or depression. I am skeptical however, and I would not be posting this if I was not legitimately desperate to find out what is going on.

I have gotten tons of tests done including a CT scan of my brain, several blood tests, an EKG, an x-ray of my lungs, and a test for mono and lyme disease. All of them came out perfectly normal.

I am extremely confused and frustrated that I am unable to pinpoint the source of these symptoms. If anybody wants to offer insight on what might be going on, that would be greatly appreciated. I am a junior in college at a difficult school and need to be functioning at my best right now.

Please let me know what you think.
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replied December 29th, 2015
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Unfortunately, this sounds like anxiety. Anxiety can make you feel many different things. I have been going through it for a long time now. It's horrible and makes you feel terrible! Are you particularly stressed about school? I can relate to the headaches. I never used to get them, now it's almost an every day occurrence. I try to keep myself occupied and exercise. Also, I just got an adult coloring book to relax a little bit. I also take medicine. Zoloft. It helps some. I hope this helps.
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replied January 1st, 2016
SOunds like anxiety to me
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