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confused...feel like crying?

Sometimes I will be in my room doing whatever and then all of a sudden I feel like crying really bad. Im not sure why though. I've been going through somethings lately and I've been pretty stressed out. Could that be the cause?
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First Helper jgirl7774

replied February 20th, 2011
Stress can make you feel like crying. If stress is the cause just try taking it easy for a bit. Have a day off from your hectic life... have some "you" time. If this helps then it is clearly the stress that is making you feel like this and you need to take the time to work things out, try and make your life less stressful. Do this by perhaps writing up a little schedual for yourself so you always know what you are doing and how to prepare for it. Do things you enjoy and pamper yourself. Give it a few weeks... maybe a month or 2. If things don't improve try asking yourself what is bothering you. People with depression can be depressed over a reason, whether it be career/education/abuse/relationships. It could even be hormones or medication side effects. If you feel like this for a long time then it IS most likely depression that is affecting you and if that is the case all I can suggest is to seek help. Good luck feel better soon Smile
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