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Confused, do I leave partner? We have children

I am so confused and just need to talk. I have been with my partner for just short of 6 years. We have two young children 1 and 3. We live in a house but the mortgage is in my name and my partner works for me. I know how much he earns but apparently he can only afford to give me £36 per week. I pay for everything else. Sometimes I have to give him the money back so he doesn't incur bank charges. Also I do everything around the house he is a slob, he does try and make an effort when I say it is getting too much but this is always short lived. I have been unhappy for sometime now, we don't speak hardly unless the odd time we manage to go out as a couple and this is only due to alcohol. I am the happy go lucky one and he is the moody submissive one. All I have felt these last few months is lonely and confused. If we had no children I would have left by now. What is stopping me is taking the stability of a family unit away from my children and also he isn’t a bad person but if we break up he will lose home and job. I am not taking this situation lightly and have tried to talk to him loads of times but it always ends up them same. Do I be selfish and leave or keep trying?

ps I would never stop him being a father to our children
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replied May 11th, 2011
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