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Confused and Worried - 8th pregnancy, bleeding, pregnant?

I had my period 1/26, then on night of 2/21 (27-28 days), I experienced heavy cramps, bright red blood, passing of some tissue and a large clot. The period after this quickly tapered off, and ended within 12 hours. I do get heavy periods, and so simply though this heaviness was normal, though the length was short. Now, it is 3/29, 36 days since last period, I have never in my life had a period this late without being pregnant. The tests are negative. But if I was pregnant during this last period of bleeding, I may be too far along for HPT to show positive. I did have a light period when I was pregnant with my first and because I was on bcp, didn't know I was pregnant with her until about 10 weeks.

I had some cramping, a heavy feeling, I was quite nauseaus most of February, but its improving, I have gained a couple pounds despite improving diet. I do not normally "show" until maybe 18 weeks or so, though I pushed around and my uterus may be able to feel from outside a bit hard. no pain. I have been very very tired. More than usual. I have 4 children, 2 early miscarries, 1 abortion after getting pregnant after a birth control pill switch last year. Im worried that I am pregnant, but at the same time don't want to go to ER because of cost on my insurance, and also live rurally. When should I start to worry - when should I see a doctor? Is now the time? Is it possible to be pregnant?

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replied March 29th, 2019
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The negative test is a strong indication that you are not pregnant - hCG levels increase steadily through the first trimester. Even so, it is evident that your hormones are upset. You could wait another week, then schedule a visit with your family doctor or gyno for a checkup. Maybe an ovarian cyst is playing games with you.
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