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Confused about possible pregnancy ?

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My last 2 periods haue been strange..i got my period 10th oct,it lasted 4 days rather than the usual was a lighter flow than usual...when it stopped i started getting cramps on and off,i got lower backache for a few days and just felt off..did a hpt and that was neg,.so i ignored it.i got my next period 7th started of light .it looked like,what it should look like when your finisiing..half way through day 1, i was on and off,and it continued like that.and it wasnt the usual colour either.mosley 3 there was only pink blood when i wiped..after i stopped completley on day 3 i started with the cramps..
Backache on and off for a week,a long with a numb headache..last few days my boobs are starting to get sensitive,and both my nipples are tingly all the time,with no break..for the last month ive been sleeping up to 14 hours a day.(no good when i have 2 kids..thank god for my bf)..oh if i sqeeze my right nipple i left one did the other day..i do feel firmer just where my bikini line cramps are both siides and started in the middle with the odd twinge and stitch.i feel it alot more on the left side..i took a hpt again and im not sure neg or pos.cos there was a line,but it was so faint u had to turn it a certain way to see.or it couldve been a avaporation sister just found out shes 9 weeks,she didnt know cos she thought she had 2 normal periods.i darnt see my doctor yet because i dont want him to think im other kids wernt and my bf are trying,so this time im more aware of my body,so i dont know..i want to be,but i dont want to build my hopes 34 and my bf was told once he has a very high sperm count.but im scared too,if and when i get,cos my little boy was born by an emergancy c section as it was placantile aruption what i be at high risk wouldnt i? Im confused scared and feel dumb at the same time for arking on here..if you dmt think i am what else would it be? Thanks for takeing time to read this... :-S
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replied November 28th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
Why was your boyfriend getting tested for fertility (sperm count)? That is an unusual test for a male to have.

Go see your doctor. A prepregnancy check-up is good to have when you are trying. Get some prenatal vitamins too.
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