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Confidence issues about penis size

I am 15 and 10 months old and am quite a late maturer. I recently developed some small amount of underarm hair, underwent am undergoing a huge growth spurt in height, can ejaculate but have never had a wet dream, and my voice has not shown signs of breaking

I really badly want to go out with this girl, but that will involve sex and blowjobs, and my penis only clocks up 5 inches when hard... If it will still grow, how long till It starts growing?? Please answer I am quite concerned and really want to know it my penis will ever break 5 inches
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replied August 25th, 2010
5 inches is normal.

I'm two inches longer than you and have never had a chick that can take it all the way down her throat, and when I'm pleasuring them during sex I usually only use the first 4 1/5 to five inches anyway. When I go deeper it is for me not her, and some can't even handle that.

Stop watching porn dude. I only know a couple of guys with 8 inches+ and they are always complaining because chicks can't take it all. 5 inches is like perfect.
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