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condom stayed inside my vagina

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i had sex with my bf today 12/17/2010 around 6pm and the condom stay inside my vagina when he pull out to cum.
he said i shouldnt be pregnant because he saw that he cum outside. still i got very scare and bouth a pill i already took it and i have to take it again in 12hrs to reduce the chance of being pregnant.

could i be pregnant if the condom had a bit of pre-cum or sperms in it,and it stay inside me.???even tho my bf had cum outside at the end.

i appreciate youre response.
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replied December 18th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Synty, It will be very unlikely that you will be pregnant.

He should grab the condom by the base of his penis before he pulls out to prevent it from slipping off and staying behind.

You will likely get some withdrawal bleeding 7 days after taking the pill so don't get scared when/if that happens.

Please be very very careful.

Take care!
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replied September 30th, 2011
My boyfriend came in the condom which stayed in my vagina. WE noticed on the spot, it wasn't very deep in me. this happened at 3:50am and they don't sell morning pills in Dubai.i stood up strait away after removing it quickly and washed with soap even inside! Can I still get STD or pregnant? what shall i do?
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