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Concussion, when does the brain fog go away?

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Hi, I've stumbled upon this site looking for answers to my current problem. About 2 weeks ago, I passed out at work and hit a wall on the way down. They called an ambulance, and while at the hospital they performed a CT scan which showed I had severe sinusitis which may have caused me to pass out. Luckily the trauma of hitting, and denting a wall did not damage my brain but they said it's safe to say I have a concussion. The pain has ebbed away, it's still bad but not as severe as it was. My main problem is this brain fogginess, which makes it hard to concentrate on anything for very long. Writing this is very difficult, and I can't seem to write a cohesive paper which is hurting my grades in college. And I can't stop rambling.

How long do concussion side affects last? Should I see my doctor?
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replied November 29th, 2011
Hi Jessiwhat, I hope you are feeling better. I did the same as you! Had a rotten head cold and passed out three weeks ago. Can't believe how long it's taking and how much my brain hurts. I feel like a malingerer because my work is complex and all I can do is listen to the radio - and I struggle with that. I had to try hard to persuade the GP that I needed more time off work and was glad to find through this forum my symptoms are common because he makes me feel like I'm fibbing somehow. The cure is to rest the brain. I'd look at taking time out from your studies if possible. Good luck and thanks for sharing. I feel less like an odd case now.
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replied January 18th, 2012
Hello! This response is kind of late, hopefully this has resolved. If it hasn't, you should take some time off from school. I'm recovering from a head injury that happened 7 months ago. I've been diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome. One of my main symptoms is the brain fog.

You need to give your brain some time to heal. Take it easy, and return to your studies gradually. If you feel like your brain is starting to struggle, that means it's time to take a break.

Hope things get better for you.
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