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Concussion, hit down by soccer ball?

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about a month ago I was playing indoor soccer, and the goalie kicked the ball rite up into my face. I was hit so hard that I was thrown backwards and landed on my backside. I don't remember falling backwards, so I think I may have been knocked out for a few seconds on impact. It didn't hurt because my face was numb, but as a few minutes wore on the back of my head hurt a little. After this happened, I didn't even think I had a concussion.. but I was starting to feel really sad, tired (no energy) sensitivity to lights and sound, and I was not sleeping well at night (would wake up every hour or so) I realized that I may have a concussion about a week after being hit, and I was told by my soccer coach to rest. So I did, I took 10 days off, and when I came back to soccer, I did one practice and I felt fine, other than a dull headache, then another practice 3 days later, and then that night I couldn't sleep again, and that was 4 days ago, I am still suffering from headaches, constant drowsiness, less sleep at night, and irritation towards people. I need help, I have seen a docter but she just told me that I must be recovering.. and this was almost 3 weeks ago.. and I no, that I am still not better, because Im not my regular self Sad .. please help.. im 14 and I have a lot of pressure to go back to soccer because the season is starting up soon, but I don't know what to do, and I dont know when It is safe for me to return to my regular activities or when Im recovered ??
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replied February 26th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Unfortunately, post concussive syndrome can have a variable and long course. You have had a "trial of life", so you are probably in not any immediate danger. Usually, if you had presented to the ER when the incident occurred they would have done a CT scan to make sure you did not have an epidural or subdural hematoma, which can be life threatening. But, if you had had either of these, you would have manifested symptoms of them before this.

However, that is not to say something is not going on in your brain. You would have to be seen by a neurologist for an evaluation.

Concussions have become a very hot topic in sportsmedicine. Though research into the subject has been going on for decades, it has now been brought to the general publics attention. Repeated concussions, or even one significant one, can lead to life long problems, if not properly managed. It has also been found that the repeated head banging that some football, soccer, boxing, etc athletes take can lead to mental status problems later in life. So, concussions are now being taken very seriously in athletics. A concussion can lead to the end of an athletic career.

If you continue to have problems, you should probably be evaluated by a neurologist.

Good luck.
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