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Conclusive HIV test - 12weeks or 90 days or 3 month or 6 month?

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To whomever it may concern,

In some answers in this site I find that a HIV test can be conclusive after 12 weeks, somewhere I find 3 month or 90 days. I also find that after 3 month/12 weeks the 97% of the people has seroconversation (so 3% can be false negative).

My doctor told me, to be 100% sure I have to have a test after 6 month. But on this site I read that a result can be conclusive after 12 weeks/3 month.

I have a negative result after 12 weeks and I`m a little confused.

1. Exactly how long should I wait to get a conclusive result?

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First Helper getitright77

replied January 9th, 2012
@ Getitright , i took my test at 11 weeks and i was also old to do another one at 6 months , how conclusive would a 4th gen Elisa and rapid tests be at 11 weeks as i got negative results or should i go for another at 12 weeks ?
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