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concerned I may have staph infection in my bloodstream

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I'm a 26 year old female and concerned that I may have staph infection. For the past 3 days I've Felt fatigued, nauseous, have had a constant headache and an overall sick feeling. I thought I was developing a large pimple, today is is even larger and may possibly be a boil. My blood pressure is 96 over 74 (which I think may be low), however, my temperature is 98 (normal). When I was 4 yrs old I developed staph infection in my bloodstream from my chicken pox, spent months in the hospital as it was very serious. I am turning to this forum for help. I appreciate all advice/suggestions, thank you in advance.
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replied July 18th, 2011
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hi, have u been to the dr and what did they do
how is your health, height, weight and eating habits
do u have insurance
good luck
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