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Concerned About Viral Meningitis.

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Hi, I'm very new to this forum. I joined because of this specific health concern, but really, it is good to be a member of such forums. I always seem to have various, random health concerns...

Anyway, A few days ago, around Wednesday, my throat started feeling strange. Like the way it feels a bit "off" just before a sore throat occurs. The next day, it was similar, but a bit worse. On Friday, it was very sore, mostly on the left side. I think i woke up with body aches; my neck (also mostly on the left side) was sore and seemed swollen, and my backbone (in entirety) was sore. The back pain subsided (could have been from my inability to sleep well that night, ever-changing sleeping positions, or tossing and turning), but since then, the swelling in my neck remains the same, though less painful. It was hurting more a few days ago, while now it is but mildly painful to the touch on the left side (and even that is probably because of the unrelenting swelling), and a bit sensitive on the right side. Though my neck is not stiff, and I do not notice any pains (aside from the swelling -- no sharp pains or anything severe) the swelling is noticeable even when I don't touch it. I can't explain the feeling, but it is uncomfortable.
--A Note-- the swelling I'm mentioning is not like the traditional swollen lymph glands that I usually experience with colds, but rather below that, and just that whole vertical area below that (but the swollen area stops before the base of my neck.)

Another thing I noted is that although I did not have a fever at all in these past days, I had chills on... Friday night i think it was.
Throughout the past 3 days, I have felt constant pressure in my head, accompanied by what seems like a headache all over (not just in one spot.) I feel mostly lethargic all throughout the day.

Oddly, I woke up early this morning (for final exams) and thought maybe I was starting to get better. This past weekend I had been staying in my bed late into the day, and just resting, and still feeling kind of malaise-ish.
But I was functioning decently. But by the time I was driving to school, i was starting to feel bad. The other symptoms, a bit of dizziness/ tiredness (and I got barely 7 hours of sleep too) and mild nausea (although I can't tell if this was due to my anxiety -- i commonly feel nauseous when i get really anxious or worried -- or because of whatever is causing me to be ill. Though the smell of this protein bar i was eating made me feel sick and i could only take one bite. I laid down and rested as soon as i got home and didn't officially wake until about 4 pm. After taking Mucinex and Ibuprofen, which seems to help my headache, I started feeling a bit better and could eat. No, I haven't thrown up at all during these days but it's easy for me to feel nauseous so i was being careful by barely eating. Oh, basically i said all that to say--- this is when i started feeling better. And it's been like that since Friday. In the evening--> nighttime, i start to feel better. Minus the headache and pressure. In fact, as I type this, my headache is still being suppressed by the Ibuprofen I took around 5 Pm but i can feel the pressure coming on from both sides. It feels like my head is being compressed inward. And the feeling in my neck is similar. Pressure, a heavy loaded feeling. It even seems to tug on my eyes.

I thought this was a cold at first but I'm lacking the stuffed nose I always or almost always suffer with a cold. Although-- the mucus is there, it's just constantly dripping down the back of my throat instead of collecting in my nose. I did lose my voice for a day, and it just came back today. I developed a cough yesterday which has gotten worse today and is also happening constantly.

It may not be viral meningitis (I kind of self-diagnosed and have had a strange fear of it since I was young so that might have some bearing on my diagnosis. I have no doctor to go to either...) but I have no idea what is going on and am truly baffled. Especially the feeling bad in the morning and decent again in the evening. That just throws me off. Anyway, if anyone may know what is going on with me or is experiencing similar symptoms, please drop a line! I'm super anxious and worried. ={
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