Hi. In May of 2012, I overworked my body at a CrossFit class, and within the next month, I had two days of fluid buildup in my pelvic/vaginal area. I treated it with ibuprofen, and all was ok. In June, I started experiencing acid reflux issues - "lump in my throat" sensation, painful throat upon waking up, coughing, belching, etc. An endoscopy revealed Grade A esophagitis, a small hiatal hernia and mild gastritis. I've been taking 60 mg of Dexilant daily for 5 months and have felt much better on the medication. Also in June, I switched from my life-long 6 day periods (started when I was 15) to having 9-10 day periods. My period ending last week went to 11 days. In June, July and September, I also experienced spotting between periods, so I visited the gynecologist with concerns about ovarian cancer, since my online research showed that I had some of the signs. My dr, though unconcerned, ordered a CT scan and a transvaginal ultrasound. The CT only showed a "fluid or possible fibroid" around the endometrial lining, but the ovaries appeared normal. The transvaginal ultrasound must not have come up with anything, and my dr never mentioned the fibroid. She only said that I wasn't ovulating normally and that I should consider getting on birth control. In November, I visited my PCP about some mild numbness and tingling around my lower left leg and ankle that I had been noticing since July or August. My dr concluded it was a pinched nerve. However, I just revisited him and have been ordered an MRI for what is surely sciatic nerve pain - most days, I am experiencing mild (but progressively worsening) burning or aching pain from my buttocks down to my feet.

I'm very concerned about the possibility of ovarian cancer. My family does not have a history of cancer, but I'm presenting with irregular, prolonged menstruation for the last 6 months, leg pain that is most certainly my sciatic nerve, gastrointestinal issues (I've always had indigestion, but the severe acid reflux is new). I'm also experiencing non-persistent bloating (comes and goes regularly), changes in bowel habits (perhaps related to the reflux??), urinary frequency on occasion (once or twice a month).

My issue is this: I know that a CT scan and ultrasounds can miss cancer, especially in an early stage. However, I realize that catching it early is key. Given my age (30 yrs old) and the fact that we've already done some tests, my drs are convinced that I don't have ovarian cancer. However, with each new or worsening symptom, I become more convinced that SOMETHING is going on. Yet, I am not sure how persistent to be or what tests to now get. I know that everyone says to trust your body and your instinct, but I am sure hoping I can trust in science soon enough.

Finally, each of these symptoms, on their own, would not concern me very much - but together, I am quite concerned and would really like to know what I should do from here!

Please share your thoughts!

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replied January 12th, 2013
Hi, i have had simalar symptoms you have,I have acid reflux,ibs, and sufferd for yrs with this,realy bad stomach pains,and pain in left ribs,my dr kept sending me for ct scans x rays all sorts test ,eventally i had to request a pelvic scan, finally was diognosr answersed with large adnexal cyst 10cm, still having pain and digestive problems have to wait to see a gnocoligist in a month,im 49yrs old and been having these symptoms for 20 yrs,im not saying this could be your problem,but keep fighting for answers,its your body and only you knows whats wrong,i found out the hard way .
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replied February 18th, 2013
Hi, please inbox me your email, I cannot send attachment here. I will share with you something that can address your problem & prevent it from happening.

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