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Conception If i had a period on february 3rd ?

I had an appointment on March 19th at which the doctor told me i was about 5 weeks. but they still dated my conception to the 3rd of february which was my first day of my last menstrual period....i dont believe thats when i concieved. If i had a period on february 3rd and it lasted about 7 days when did i concieve?
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replied June 18th, 2012
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Gestational age is dated to your LMP. The fetal age will be 2 weeks less than that. The fetal age starts at conception/ovulation.

Gestational age = fetal age + 14 days

It is normal for the doctors to work with your gestational age. That way you will be around 40 weeks at birth, but your baby will only be 38 weeks old.

Sorry for the confusion. Doctors should really explain this to their patients, but they do not.
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