I fell pregnant in 2006 and had my baby in 2007 but I have a question about conception if anyone could help. My last period was on 26th September 2006 and I was told at a scan on the 1st of December that I was 7 weeks. I do not understand how this works as I have been told over and over again that you can only conceive 14 days after your period. This dating suggests that I conceived a couple of days before my period was due, on the 27th oct (i did actually have sex that day) If I had conceived 14days after my period then I would have been 9weeks pregnant? I was however on and off the pill, taking it for a couple of days in a row and then not at all for a few weeks, could this have affected my ovulation? I also had sex on the 14th Oct and the 21st. I was given a due date of the 21st July and had her on the 18th. Could anyone help me understand? What was the conception date? Thankyou x
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