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Conception Confusion and Ultra sound dating??

Hi. So in february I had my LMP on 02/09/10. I am 100% positive on this. My period last for 6 days. I always ovulate around the 15th day of my cycle. I am very in tuned with my body and track monthly because I don't take birth control. I had dumb drunk sex with the Ex on the 17th. He says he did not ejaculate.... because he never could when he gets to this is true I am not sure. He is also a avid marijuana user. On the 24th I met someone and had sex with him.....don't usually do the meet and greet thing, but we had a really strong connection. We had unprotected sex twice, he came both times. I know the first time he came in me. Wasn't to good at pulling out. Anyway on March 10th, when I was expecting my period I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I went to the doctor on April 1st and had a vaginal ultrasound measuring the baby at 15mm. It measured at 8 weeks. Which would make my ex more likely the father. I should have measured about 13mm for it to be the other mans. I then had a ultrasound on the 29th of April. This ultra sound put me even further along than the encounter with the Ex because of the femur length of the baby. Then I had another ultra sound on the 23rd of June putting me still further along. I did not have any sex before these two times for months. So here is the tricky part. When I had the ultrasound on the 23rd they put on the 3D and got a clear picture of the babys face. The baby is identical to the second man. Everything about Him!! Oh and it's a boy. The two men are very different looking. The Ex is caucasian and the second man is African American with very distinct features. The other factor too is I am 5'10 with the men in my family averaging between 6'4 and 6'7. The second man is 6'3. My ex is 5'8. I am just confused I guess. I know early ultrasounds can be off by a week. I also read that the femur length of babies can differ with different races and genetics? Does anyone have a professional opinion on this matter. I fell in my heart that it is the second mans and the doctors were probably just off on the U/S dating. My body is like clock work and has been since I started my period 16 years ago. I have a daughter that I conceived on July 27th of 2001....if this gives any indication of how my body is regular. Any reinforcement will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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