About 18 months ago I had an operation to remove a large cyst on my spleen. During the laparoscopy there were complications which required the surgeon to switch tactics. From what I have found, he performed a Pfannenstiel incision, just over the pubic crest, the scar is lateral but I'm not sure if he cut the muscles the same or vertical.

It's been 18 months and despite working my abs a lot, I find it quite difficult to sit up from a lying position with just my core. I find also my back will sag if I try planks. Before the surgery I had flat abs, now when I'm doing situps it seems to be concave between the last row and the pubic crest.

My question is if my muscles are correctly anchored, I have the feeling that I have stretched/torn them during recovery (I had bronchitis during the first week of recovery and coughed a lot, quite painful). Not only does it look strange but I feel like I have lost functionality. Can anyone offer some insight to my hypothesis? Or have you encountered this before?

After leaving the hospital I pushed my mobility as soon as I could, being gentle but rigorous with an exercise schedule. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Body: Male, Lean-ish (10-15% BMI), 6' 160lbs

Thanks for any help.
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