I've been just getting to know a new friend. We were up all night talking and earlier that night I had pointed out how there was puke on the underside of the toilet seat thinking it was just from the girls having a party and someone got carried away. She then rocked back and forth on the bed saying out loud that she just couldn't tell me but felt like she had to...She then started crying and proceeded to tell me that the picture on the wall of her (where she weighted at least 80 pounds more) was from only 5 months ago, and that well it wasn't a parties fault that left that seat soiled. After she told me this I just held her...She told me it's not a problem anymore and she talked about control issues and such like a lot of people do with the disorder. She told me I was the only person she's told besides her mother, which she then followed up by saying "So you don't have to tell anyone or talk to my family about it."(Which could be cover)
The problem is that she lies a lot and likes to make up stories, but this is no laughing matter. I checked stamped dated pictures of her and sure enough she had weighed more at least a year ago, and I just can't be sure if she is BSing me.

Our friendship is just blossoming and I wouldn't want to break her trust so early on. She said it's not a problem anymore but the vomit on the toilet wasn't cleaned up and I didn't check for if it was fresh or anything. I'm torn up inside about it since I know she hasn't wanted to talk to me openly about it and I have no idea what's true or fake about her story.
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replied October 14th, 2009
I'm sure your friend is telling you the truth about having had an eating disorder. However, I'm sure it is safe to assume that she is still struggling with it. Relapses usually happen after a person is over the main part of the battle. It could happen just one time months after she stopped. You never know.
You cannot judge her on this. IF she is strong enough, she will get past it. If not, then there will probably be other signs, in which case you can confront her about lying. Until then, the best thing you can do is be there for her. Tell her you're there if she ever needs to talk (about anything at all), that she can trust you not to tell anyone (this is very important), and let her know that she is beautiful the way she is.
What she needs most is a friend who will support her and love her. I know this from experience.
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