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Complex partial seizures , migraines ???

I am a 37 year old female. With a list of symptoms.. may or may not be related.

* 1-2 times per year over the past 5-7 years. Numbness of the right arm, starts near my thumb (tingles) and progresses over the period of several hours to my elbow. I find myself rubbing the area with my left fingers because the sensation is only "felt" by the lack of feeling. This has also occured in my right leg (near the shin) two or three times in all.

* Last Fall my speech became slurred. Tongue almost felt weak, and struggled to say my words. Very scary and humiliating. I was able to get by with slowing my speech down.

* Saw a Neurologist whom ordered detailed blood tests, MRI's of brain and spine, EEG, Sleep deprived EEG, and 3 day EEG.

* Was placed on Neurontin (Gabepentin). Within 1 week felt confused, uncoordinated, and almost a cloud-like state. Very hard to get through my work day. Triple checking my work and still making mistakes.

* About 2 months ago I lost the strength in my left hand. I was able to grip but couldn't open an elastic or scrunccii. This lasted for about 2-3 weeks and disappeared.

Since then I have had memory loss, short term. My dose was reduced and the confusion was less. Over the past six months I have times where I am unstable on my feet, losing my balance, but am able to catch myself before falling. Not sure if these are new symptoms or the medication. Lately my food ttastes strange (only on some bites) and I can smell baby powder (almost even taste it).

When I first saw the doctor, I was told my symptoms sound like migraines or seizures...??? I have the occasional headache, but not debilitating. A couple of Tylenol does the trick. Seizures??? Really? I never would think seizures.

My doctor told me that I have no lesions on my tests (MS) but my first EEG did show slowing on the left side of my brain indicative of migraines and seizures. The last EEG, I was told, showed slowing of the entire brain activity. I am confused. Now I am being told that I need to switch medications. Going to be taking Lamictal. I am afraid of this medication, blood tests every 2 weeks for the period of 2 months and them monthly after that. Why such a serious med if it is not known what is going on? .. precautionary is why. I can understand that, if I was diagnosed as having seizures, but I have not been.

Originally simple complex was mentioned and now complex partial is discussed. Do I need a second opinion? (I think I know the answer Smile

I am now off all medication while I struggle with what to do next. I am now experiencing strong headaches, but think it could be a withdrawal, even though I was medically removed slowly.

Please help me understand what is happening, and what I should do next?
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First Helper mel33

replied April 10th, 2011
I am a 38 yr old women and this all sounds so much like what I am going through.The doctor did find one lesion on my brain,but still was not leaning toward MS as a diagnosis. I have the same numbness, tingling,and weakness in my right hand and arm.I was admitted into the hospital this week and stayed for 4 days because I suddenly started stuttering and stammering my eyes jerking and right arm went limp.The neurologist said it was migraine syndrome and complex partial seizures. I will be starting Lamictal in 2 weeks.I had to wait to start the meds because I developed shingles while in the hospital and he wanted it to run its course.Also my EEG was normal, as many are with frontal lobe seizures.I have been living with these symtoms off and on for 20 yrs and I have been told everything from mental illness to pseudo seizures before I finally got help!!keep persevering and don't let anyone tell you it is all in your head if you are certain it is not.You know your body the best of anyone.Get a good neurologist,God knows they are hard to find.Good Luck
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