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Complex mixed solid and cystic nodule on thyroid

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Hi All,
I have a 4cm complex mixed solid and cystic nodule on the left lobe of my thyroid. There are some small areas of calcification within it and some increased vascularity. There is discomfort with swallowing, coughing, yawning, laughing and when I bend down it feels like a pressure in my neck. My voice sounds hoarse most days. TSH is very low (0.01) and T3 and T4 can be borderline high. My aunt and granny had thyroid surgery but unsure if due to cancer or not. Biopsy found abundant colloid and hemosiderin-laden macrophages but did not detect follicular cells. I was told to get another biopsy in a couple of months to rule out neoplasia. My question is this; if no follicular cells were detected in the first biopsy does this mean that they did not detect cancer just because they didn't detect cancer containing cells? ie if they had found follicular cells would this provide evidence of cancer or not? What cells or what sort of cytology are consistent with malignancy?

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