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completely skipped my normally spot-on period?

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I completely skipped my normally spot-on period in February, and I confirmed with the doctor a negative serum pg test. Earlier this month, about 2-3 weeks late, I had my fiance home for 5 days during which we had a lot of intimate time together, and, admittedly, it wasn't protected. Not trying, just not preventing. 3/11-3/15 specifically. So, unsure of when to expect a bleed, I just noted the dates and waited. 3/18 (1 week from the first -and most- intimacies) I had some very light spotting late that night. 3/19 was enough to motivate me to use a pad but no significant bleeding came. Maybe enough to warrant a liner. 3/20 was spotty to light throughout the day. 3/21 had some early morning spotting, but nothing the rest of the day. 3/22, I had some bright red spotting midday, and first thing in the morning 3/24. I have had a stomachache/nausea, frequent urination, achy joints, mild cramping, and I'm exhausted/sleeping more. Feel full, but hardly eating. My swollen ta-tas hurt, as well.

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