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Complete break between the L1 and L2

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My uncle got into a car accident when he was around 10 years old. They told him there was a complete break between the L1 and L2 and that he would never walk again. My uncle is now 23 years old and i was wondering if he could ever walk again. He still has muscle in his legs. He goes to a gym designed for the handicapped and he uses their bike for cardio exercise. He goes to the gym 5 days a week to work out and use the bike. Is there any way at all that he would be able to walk? any treatments or programs to regain some of the lost nerves?
many people have told me that physical therapy would help but I don't want to try something, just to get his hopes up and be crushed. He seems to be getting more and more depressed about being in a wheelchair so something concrete would be extremely useful.
Thank you for any help you might be able to give
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replied September 20th, 2009
Active User, very eHealthy
Its not the broken bones in the spine that causes paralysis but the nerves that are damaged or severed many people can walk after breaking there backs but none can walk if the spinal cord is severed at a certain level

as i have no way of knowing what the condition of his nerves is i am sorry but i cant say much about your uncles ability to walk even if i did its a highly qualified doctors job to do this.

I admire you for your efforts to uplift your uncles life and encourage you to continue to find out if there is a possibility that he can function better.

Good luck perroGrande
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