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coming off Zopiclone

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I've been taking a half (sometimes one) 7.5mg Zimovane tablet every night for nearly 2 years now (and off-and-on before then, usually to help me through a crisis situation, sleep-wise) - I have had the very occasional night when I haven't need to take anything, but I just can't seem to get off them completely - if I take nothing, I don't sleep, and then feel like death the next day. I desperately want to get off them completely and feel "normal" again - I've read many accounts (on this site) of people who've tried various ways of getting off Zopiclone (which I will try - have tried herbs without success) but have not seen any feedback from a doctor on the subject - would it possible to get a doctor's advice on this please?
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First Helper eloise09

replied November 17th, 2009
hi there,i know exactly what your going through,i was on and off zopiclones for ten years at one point on two a nite!I was on my last half one for a year and just couldnt the end a cut the half into quarters and did this for about five nights.I slept the first nite off them.Its as if we need a tablet lower than 3.75 to wean off.
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