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Colon Carcinoma

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Dears doctors.

I Would like to know, if you can help me with some advices to these problem, is about my mother, She is near to 60 years old, and she had an operation of Colon Carcinoma about 2.5 years ago, The doctors decide don't give her any medicine, nor Chemoterapy! because she have some problems in her heart, and besides she had another operation 7 years ago, where the doctors take out her gallblader, in spite of all these sickness until now all was fine, of course she have regulary controls in the Hospital but in all these time the problem is that her stomach is always big, sometimes more sometimes less, Then of the operation she can't go to the bathdroom with normaly, so she take a green tea all the days, if she left to take that she don't go, today she wake up with an strong pain , she forgot to take that green tea 2 days , so she didnt go 2 days, another thing, she take about 7 pills all the days to control her heart problems that is Cardiopathy and Insuficient Mitral, about 1 year ago we went again to the hospital, she coulnt make pis, so please do you have some advices, diet, or something to help her in her condition?
of course tomorrow monday we have an appoiment with the doctor for another test of the stomach, but i would like to know if you have some advices to that..
Thanks so Much!
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