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Colon Blockage 4 Weeks

Have had irregular bowl movements for four weeks. Variety of shapes..pencil, chunks, and soft, but no diarrhea or blood. Constant feeling of having to have a bowel movement, but can only really have one first thing in the AM. Now having discomfort pain in lower left back with same symptoms as above. Chiropractor said it felt like a knot in that area, but I think it is something worse in that area of colon. Any thoughts or suggestions?

BTW, this came after heavy stress from aftermath of hurricane and eating and drinking like a college student for those two weeks.
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replied December 8th, 2012
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Well one thing for sure is that studies has shown how much impact stress can interfere with the normal process of the immune system. Our environment effects our system in such a negative way, that we are overwhelmed.

There is one solution to bring back balance is to increase your glutathione levels. Still the masses don't know about this, but this has been known to researchers since the early 1800s.

Your body is trying to relieve you of the toxins that are overwhelming. This glutathione is necessary from a cellular level in doing just this to bring balance back.
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replied January 22nd, 2013
It's very critical time I know because I saw many examples like you but in that stage you should take healthy food and need to spend stress free life which can effect in your body. Some diet specialist of Envita Medical can help in this kind of situation.
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