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Collar bone, neck and shoulder pain

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My 65 y/o father started getting pain in his hip joints about a year ago restricting a lot of his movement, this occurred for several months until a specialist diagnosed him with psoriatic arthritis and prescribed him with Prednisolone (Cortisone). The pain in his hips had gone away but soon after it seemed to have travelled up to his collar bone, shoulders, neck and upper back. This has been ongoing since March, in which he has been taking up to 10mg of Cortisone daily.
In the last week it has gotten much worse, he cannot move his neck or shoulders; the pain feels like it comes directly from the collar bone. He has taken 50mg of Voltairin daily for the last week. Are there any other possibilities of what may be the cause of it? Or any other means to relief the pain as it is affecting his work and daily life.
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replied November 18th, 2012
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It may be that his psoriatic arthritis is just not under control. He may need to have his medications adjusted or changed.

If the prednisone is not taking care of his symptoms, he may need to be changed to one of the newer injectable medicines for inflammatory arthropathies, such as Enbrel or Humira.

He should speak with his rheumatologist about his increase in symptoms.

Good luck.
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