I'm an obese 17 year old female. I weigh about 300lbs, always have been "big" it runs in the family, I'm not that active, but I don't eat excessively, i have a pretty good diet. I also suffer anxiety, it's pretty severe, i don't have any medications for it or treatments for it, and I'm a bit of a hypochondriac.

Today I've been having coldness in my left hand and arm with some slight numbness in my fingers. I feel a steady pulse in my wrist, but it feels like it isn't getting any blood flow. I've been told that my heart is fine in past visits to the ER but I still get the feeling that my heart skips beats or something of the like. I've also been having some dull pain in my hand where the thumb and first two fingers connect to my palm. when I flex my hand it almost feels like the tendon is stretching too much to flex, and I'm not forcing to flex it. For a couple days I've also been having some pain in my left shoulder and neck, it feels like a cramp, I also have some sharp small cramp-like pains towards the bottom of my ribs, almost about the area where my liver is, it doesn't feel like it's coming from my liver though, more like the muscles.

I'm just a worried that my heart has something to do with this.
Any advice or knowledge is appreciated.
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replied March 6th, 2009
Coldness in left arm
I'm 65 yrs old and weigh about 195 pounds, quite fit, had an excellent reading on an angiogram last year, I play golf twice a week, I do hill walking...no problems there. But in recent times I have pain in joints of fingers on left hand, and the elbow as well. I am now experiencing coldness in the undreside of left arm every day??
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