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Cold symptons stopping depression?!?

My girlfriend suffers from Depression, panic and stress. She has episodes a few times week and is not found of medications. She tried before and they did not work for her.

For the past two days she has been sick with flu. (Running nose, fever, and so on)

So for the past two days the drepression/stress/panic symptoms are gone one hundred percent to the point that she wishes that she had a flu all the time.

Any explanations???
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replied April 2nd, 2010
cold/flu ocurrence very enervating to depression
i do that too. i keep wondering why. the immune system is going strongly and that seems to provide something/ do something that lifts the depressive syndrome. i think this requires more investigation. th e immune system is going strongly when the infection occurs and for a time after the symptoms come on. it is rather enervating. but not sure it has anything todo with brain chemicals.
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