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Cold, caughing, fever, nausea for 2 months - need answer

I really need help with this one, i have been reading but can`t find an answer to my problem.
2 months ago - white bacteria infection in throat with very high fever.
treated with antibiotics, aspirin, neurofen and hexoral spray. got healed
after 2 weeks after i got healty i got same infection again...same treatement
2 weeks after that i still had a small caugh but it turned into a full blown viral cold with bad bad caughing fever and vomiting.

It has bee 2 months since the first infection...and i feel beter but every time i go outside especialy in cold weather my throat gets really dry no amount of water can help...and really nauseous with a slight fever.
They did a cotton swab test for my throat and some blood work for what they thought a stomach infection, x-ray to lungs but nothing came up.

Every time i go outside i get dry throat and feel like vomiting, nauseous. I am a rational person and it`s not only anxiety. If i stay in house where it`s warm i don`t feel that bad, just my constant lack of appetite but i try and eat a reasonable amount of food.
Please help.
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