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Coconut remedy for Hemorrhoid

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Hi all,

I have been suffering from piles ever since 2 years ago. It had been so bad that I seem to be menstruating each time I poohed. Few months ago I have begun drinking coconut water. And guess what. My problems disappeared! Coconut seems to have an anti-inflammatory properties (not to mention anti-bacterial and anti-viral). That's right, anti-viral when none of our medicine are! I found my external piles retreated inside, then subsided. Cooking with coconut oil also have the same effect (that's how I realised this effect) It is also healthier too. For those who think not, that coconut is full of saturated fats that are no good, please go ahead and google 'coconut' and find out for yourself. I know what a pain in the ass this problem is. So try it. It cost you nothing. I recommend the real coconut, or a can juice with pure coconut with pulp. Some cans however comes with water/sugar/preservatives.

Wishing you all the best. Welcome your feedback.

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replied March 30th, 2012
Coconut is fantastic. It has just been recommended that my dad have a tablespoon of coconut oil each day to help with Dementia. Lets see how it goes. I know others who use it in their hair etc and just cannot seem to stop raving about it.

Thanks for sharing.
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