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CMIA test 5 weeks after exposure

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Hello all and congratulations for the nice job you are doing here.

I am a 20 years old male and on the 9th of October I had sex for the first time.It was with a prostitute (looked very healthy and is one of the most popular in my area). We had protected oral sex and after that we tried protected anal sex. However, since it was my first time, as you can understand I was too nervous so I couldn't have a firm erection so we tried again orally. We continued protected oral. She couldn't make me go "up" so she asked whether she could do unprotected oral to make me feel more intense. As I was extremely nervous at that time I said yes. So she took off my condom and we wad UNPROTECTED oral sex for some minutes. (could the virus have moved to her mouth from her anus?) After that I got "up", she put me back the SAME condom and we continued with protected vaginal sex. However, again my erection didn't last more than 1-2 minutes and she asked my what happened again. In order not to let me unsatisfied she proceeded again to oral sex again after taking off my condom. We had oral sex for about 5-7 minutes but I didn't ejaculate. After that she left. When going home i felt like a very little scratch (I don't know if this is the right word) on the top of my penis and I washed it very carefully with Betadine.

The next night I went to another "studio" where I had fully protected sex from the beginning to the end of the encounter but again didn't ejaculate. (As you can understand I am a very shy person). The day after I took a taxi to go for a drink and because the door handle was broken when trying to catch the door from inside I got scuffed at the tip of my finger and very little blood came out. I went to a kiosk and bought wet wipes with which I cleaned it very carefully while pushing it make as much blood was there to come out and clean it fully.

This is my story. For more than one month I had nothing to concern me (honestly I didn't notice any weird symptoms). Just before five weeks after the 9th October (i.e. on the 10th of November), I noticed I had 37.4 and I felt the back of my chin a bit "heavy". I didn't evaluate it as anything serious but the next afternoon again I had exactly 37.4. I decided to go to the doctor. He seemed a bit concerned and told me that I have probably pharyngitis (I am a mild smoker) and that I have mycosis in my tongue (I personally believe that I always had it). I have to mention that I drink too much coffee. I went and had a very complete check-up and it was all just fine except for the g-globulin (I don't know if this is the correct english term), which was slightly above the normal limit.
Off course I had Hep B, Hep C, HIV and were all NEGATIVE. To be more specific the test for the HIV is said to be the "CMIA" which both checks for antigens and antibodies and as I read seems to be very accurate between the window of time I currently am.
What's more, I had a chest radiation which was fine, and ultrasound for upper and lower abdomen which showed that all the organs are fine.

Some days after my check-up I had a very slight rash in my left palm and my nose was "running" for more than 5-6 hours but after taking Zirtek it stopped (I have allergic rhinitis). The following 2 days my temperature was about 36-3 to 37.2 at most but now it's about 37.2 - 37.5. Also I have to mention that for 2-3 days I felt quite tired and my knees where a bit stiff (they also felt a bit itchy). I got weighed and didn't see any dramatic change in my weight condition even though my food habits are .. the worst.

Maybe I also have to mention that my lgG value for toxoplasm is 526 with the normal value to be below 0.1, but lgM showed negative.

Anyway, I am extremely anxious about what is going on in my body and any professional help will be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED. Thanks for taking the time to read all this.
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replied November 17th, 2009
Community Volunteer
You are more than likely fine but NEVER judge a book by its cover..because someone looks healthy is NOT a good reason to have unprotected sex.I look healthy as do most people who have cant tell if someone has it by the way they smart..think with your big had!
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replied November 18th, 2009
Thank you very very much for your answer!
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