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2cm nodule in lung, enlarged lymph nodes in chest

I went to the ER complaining of a cough for two months, so they did an X-RAY and CT which found a 2cm nodule and a smaller satellite nodule growing next to it. There is also a 6mm nodule in the base of the same lung. The doctors are running tests and testing me for TB and what not, which I know I don't have. To me this sounds like lymphoma is a possibility, and I want to know if anyone who was diagnosed had similar findings as I did. I'm scheduled to see a specialist in 10 days, but it's hard to wait that long not knowing anything.

I'm a 23 year old male. I was prescribed powerful antibiotics for 10 days which had no effect, so I have been prescribed two different antibiotics to try for another 10 days.

Here are some extracts from my CT reports (1 CT with and 1 without contrast):

- There appears to be some air bronchogram effect
- A mass or alveolar cell carcinoma cannot be excluded from this single exam
- The images through the upper abdomen show vague hypodensities in the right lobe of the liver of unknown significance
- Upper left lobe nodule contains some cavitation (the degree of change is not significant to exclude malignancy)
- Some prominent nodes seen in the AP region
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replied December 16th, 2012
i am not a dr. i am a 47yo woman with a similar issue. can you please post what your outcome was. I hope and pray it turned out to be fine.
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