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6cm left ovarian cyst

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Couple years ago when I was 22 i was told I had a 6cm cyst on my left ovary. They did nothing for it. Now I'm 25 and I get large ovarian cyst to where I cant walk, stand, lay down, or even go to the bathroom with out being in severe pain. I'm at a loss with what I should do. I have no money or the insurance to get checked out. Not even my pain meds from knee surgery help with the pain. I've gone six months having 4-5 cyst reoccur on the same ovary. PLease I need help.
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replied July 5th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
sounds like u just met the greatest health care in the world according to TV and RADIO babbling mouths,
try to find a clinic by calling information or going on line to look locally
where do u live, how old r u,
good luck
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replied July 20th, 2011
depending on where you are from, there are free medical clinics. the one in my city is called the people's city mission. I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to not having medical insurance and having problems with the ovaries.
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replied August 23rd, 2011
go to any government free hospital and try to do laproscopy operation.that is the best solution.
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