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Cluster of bumps around vagina

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hi, two days ago I noticed a bump while showering in my pubic hair. I shaved so I could get a good look at what it was and found a little cluster of very tinyred bumps with white heads. And then lower closer to my vagina found another group. There are around 5 bumps together in the space of less then a mm. I have no symptoms other then the bumps and now total paranoia. Everything I've found online doesn't look or sound like what I have and I don't have health insurrence for another two months. I haven't had sex for over six months and always practiced safe sex. I go in the steam room at the gym- is it something I could have gotten in there even though I sit on a towel? Could you please give me some guidance on what I am dealing with becasue I am freaking out.
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replied May 31st, 2009
you say you dont have insurance, but there are free STD clinics every where find one and get tested so that you know for sure what these bumps are. Good luck
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