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clot like spots on testicles ?

i have these little red blood clot like spots on my testicles. They are a little smaller than 1/8 of an inch in diameter.

I say blood clot because it looks like a little bump with blood trapped in it. i'm sure if i pooped it blood would come out.

It doesn't hurt, or itch.

Now i'm noticing that i might have another one appearing on my penis. not on the head though but on the shaft.

Really concerned about this - can anyone held or has had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance
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First Helper WT

replied August 5th, 2008
Hi Fred,

Please search "Fordyce's angiokeratoma". Also be sure tosee a dermatologist.

Be well!

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replied October 18th, 2013
Thanks for the suggestion, the issue was solved using athletes foot cream on them at night and they shrunk to half size the next morning. I put more on the next night and they disappeared. Think it's caused from sweating down there.
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